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Grading System:


Daily Work: 20%

Quizzes, Tests and Projects: 80%
Students are expected to successfully and punctually complete all assigned work.


An Honest Grade for Honest Work:


Each student is responsible for doing his or her own work.  Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.  Parents will be informed of the situation, the student will receive a zero, a referral will be issued and the Bowie Academic Integrity Policy will be followed.



Late Work and Make Up Work Policy:


In all Bowie CTE courses late work not completed and turned in by the assigned due date will be accepted for partial credit for three block school days. Maximum scores for late work are 85 after one day, 70 after two days and 50 after three days. No late work will be accepted beyond this time frame.  Due dates for makeup work resulting from excused absence(s) will be extended for three block school days from the date of student's return to school.


Make Up Work Procedures:


Daily work is posted on this website under the course name and calendar.  It is the responsibility of each student to check the calendar and/or ask the teacher about making up any missed work. Most students will be able to complete their work in the classroom, however when a student misses a class or falls behind they must come in to tutorials complete to assignments.




Flash Drive 

A three ring binder or folder

Pen or pencil   

Notebook paper

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