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Classroom Policies


  • Students are not to bring food, drinks or gum into the classroom.

  • Students will be respectful and not talk while the teacher is talking.

  • Students will use the computer for class activities only. No video games or unauthorized Internet use.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Cell phones must be zipped in a backpack or purse when the teacher is talking.  Phones may only be used when Ms. Cottone makes an announcement saying that it is acceptable to have phones out during independent work.  

  • Students will not include inappropriate content in class work, mistreat computer lab equipment, or deface school property.

  • Students must remain on task in class.

  • Students will be in their assigned seats working on the warm-up when the tardy bell rings. 

  • Students who are late to class must sign the tardy list to verify that they came to class after the tardy bell, when roll was taken.  

  • Students may only use the restroom with one of their passes. 

  • If a student is absent for any reason, it is their responsibility to look on the website for missed work and attend tutorials to make up their assignments.

  • All daily assignments will be turned in at the end of the period in the drop box or  the appropriate tray unless given extended time.  

  • If a student finishes the day’s assignments early, they should work on extra credit assignments or complete work for another class.

  • Students will remain at their desks and in their seats at the end of the period until the teacher dismisses the class.

  • Students will keep workstations clean by throwing away any unnecessary papers and pushing chairs in before leaving


*Students who break the above classroom rules will receive consequences ranging from redirection, parent contact, morning detention or referral depending on the severity of the problem.

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