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ACC Credit

To receive ACC college credit for Graphic Design, click below to connect to the registration site.  If the average of the Photoshop portion of the class and your ACC Test grade average to an 80, your teacher will approve your credit application.  

ACC credit in escrow for this class can transfer to another university once a student has taken at least one ACC concurrent enrollment or on campus class.  Otherwise it will stay on the ACC transcript only.

  Enrollment Steps:

  1. Once you are in the CATEMA site, click on New Student and then select Create an Account.

  2. Click Submit.

  3. Enter your School Student ID as:

    • A + 8 Digit ID​ 

    • A0 + 7 Digit ID

  4. Your username & password will be automated generated.  Write it down your for later use.

  5. Create a class enrollment record by choosing the following:        

  6. High School:  Bowie

  7. Teacher:  Ms. Cottone

  8. Class Name:  Graphic Design

  9. Class Period: 1, 5 or 7

  10. Career Interest

  11. Click Submit.

  12. Once you have enrolled in your Graphic Design class, Log out.

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